Top 15 CFD brokers for 2024 provides a detailed comparison of the Top 15 CFD brokers for 2024 based on their features, services, and reputation in the market. This information will help traders to choose the best broker that suits their trading style and preferences.

Top 15 CFD Minimum Deposits broker's

It is even more important for every entering trader to choose the correct CFD broker. The minimum deposit compliance, being an important factor for the purpose of accessibility as well as suitability, should be understood very clearly. This guide will uncover the minimum deposit requirements offered by the top 15 CFD brokers for trading in 2024 and provide information on the benefits associated with each broker.

1. IQCent

IQCent provides a user-friendly solution with a variety of trading tools, which include the FX, crypto, and commodities markets. Traders can dive in with a minimum sum of $50 as a starting deposit, which opens the floor to a wider trading audience of both professionals and beginners. 

Another advantage of the IQCent platform is that it requires no significant investment and has helpful educational resources and excellent customer care to ensure smooth operations. IQCent zeroes in on simplicity and transparency, where traders and the community get the best information to inform their financial decisions.

Minimum Deposit: $50

2. Videforex

One of Videforex's advantages is its cutting-edge trading platform, which comes with a wide variety of underlying assets in the forex, stock, commodity, and crypto markets.ks, commodities, and crypto markets. Traders may start their journey with a minimum deposit of $250, so they will afford it both for neutrals and advanced traders. 

Apart from the minimal deposit, Videforex provides a wide variety of educational tools, like video tutorials and online courses for investors to improve their understanding and competence. Videforex aims to provide competitive spreads and reliable customer support which makes the platform an ideal place to do trading.

Minimum Deposit: $250

3. Raceoption

Raceoption deserves to be noticed for its broad trading platform and various account types suitable for all kinds of trading strategies. Beginning with a bare minimum deposit requirement of $250, the Raceoption platform is accessible to traders regardless of their budget capacities. 

Besides the minimum deposit, Raceoption is providing a nice welcome bonus and bonus activities as part of the regular promotion to encourage trading activity. Furthermore, traders may also have access to educational content and one on one support from account managers, thereby making their pathway to financial success smoother.

Minimum Deposit: $250

4. Binarycent

Binarycent has a simple trading platform with a suite of solutions for commodities, currency, and stock trading. Even traders with minimum capital can start their trading by depositing a minimum balance of $250. This offers an opportunity to those who have small amounts of money to trade with. The top priority of the platform is the minimum deposit plus promotional bonuses and trade incentives offered to the active traders. Providing a friendly user platform and a rapid customer support being the main goals of Binarycent, traders are going to have more options to navigate and trade on the financial market successfully and in a short period.

Minimum Deposit: $250

5. Smartytrade

Smartytrade is a one-stop-shop for traders, with software that offers different trading financial instruments, including FOREX, stocks and commodities. With a bare minimum deposit of only $250, Smartytrade makes sure that a trader can be anyone, from beginners to experts. Besides the minimum deposit, Smartytrade makes available extensive knowledge resources and analytical tools to enable traders to reason better and make rational decisions. 

Minimum Deposit: $250

6. Binomo

What distinguishes Binomo from other platforms is its easy-to-use trading platform, which emphasizes the trade of binary options. At Binomo, a trading platform where traders can start with as little as $10 as the smallest deposit, anyone can actively start trading. Furthermore, a demo account without risk can allow a trader to practice strategies with no real financial investments. In addition to that, Binomo proposes numerous educational opportunities, like video tutorials and webinars, that help traders with their knowledge acquisition.

Minimum Deposit: $10

7. PocketOption

Prizing the platform with a wide variety of instruments, PocketOption users can access forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities as well. The minimum amount to make a deposit there is $50. Traders will also gain from the referral program that the company has, which monetizes the referral of friends by rewarding the customer with more rewards. Besides, PocketOption offers a demo account for launching practice trading with false money. Targeting the comfort of a trader and the extent of their contentment, PocketOption aims to become the top trading choice on a global scale.

Minimum Deposit: $50

8. Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade gives a user an all-in-one platform accessible to any trader with a wide variety of assets, such as foreign currency and contracts for quick trades. This helps arrange things in such a manner that traders with a $10 minimum deposit can start to trade regardless of their level. Traders can additionally access a diversity of educational tools via video tutorials and webinars that boost their trading abilities. Moreover, Olymp Trade sponsors trading competitions every now and then where traders can battle with each other, and  win the prize money.

Minimum Deposit: $10

9. Quotex

The Quotex platform is a trader-friendly platform that is devoted to binary options trading. A minimum deposit of $100 is required and accessibility at all levels for traders is ensured. Traders also have the provision of multiple educational assets, such as tutorials and articles, to widen their trading knowledge. In addition, Quotex provides frequent bonuses and discounts to appreciate the clients' activity.

Minimum Deposit: $100

10. ExpertOption

ExpertOption performs well with its user-friendly trading platform and the selection of different financial instruments, which include forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies. ExpertOption ensures opacity with a minimum deposit requirement of $10. The traders of all levels will get this opportunity with this condition. Traders can at the same time benefit from a mix of educational resources, among which are videos and webinars meant to sharpen their trading skills.

Minimum Deposit: $10

11. AvaTrade

AvaTrade traders have a comprehensive platform with a main focus on currency, commodities, and crypto trading. AvaTrade has an entry barrier starting at $100 (for those who want to trade), regardless of their experience. Traders will have access to different educational items, among them video tutorials and webinars, that will help them learn trading skills. Furthermore, AvaTrade has competitive spreads and quick order processing, helping traders with their financial transactions without disrupting their trade flows.

Minimum Deposit: $100


The platform gives traders great opportunities to trade with different financial products, - binary options and forex instruments. has a minimum deposit requirement of $5; with that, traders with less capital can also participate. Traders will also be assisted by educational materials, such as video lessons and articles, and thus their trading skills will be improved. On top of that, provides a high level of remuneration and reliable customer support to their customers, making the trading process on their platform smooth and uninterrupted.

Minimum Deposit: $5

13. Binarium

By building a trading platform that is software compliant and easy to use, the company Binarium specializes in binary options trading. At Binarium, individual traders and investors will be guaranteed the start of trading at $5. Traders, in addition to different learning materials, including video tutorials and articles, can enrich their trading skills. Furthermore, Binarium provides traders with high trading returns and the fastest execution time possible. Therefore, traders always enjoy a smooth trading experience.

Minimum Deposit: $5

14. easyMarkets

This makes trading with easyMarkets very simple, as it provides a complete trading platform encompassing forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the 100 USD minimum deposit, easyMarkets plans to make the product available to new traders, even those who are the least experienced. By using a wide range of educational resources at their disposal, traders can improve their skills through video tutorials and webinars in order to get a better overall trading experience. Besides, easyMarkets provides traders with competitive spreads and fast order execution, encouraging traders to use this service.

Minimum Deposit: $100

15. FP Markets

FP Markets presents traders with a wide range of trading instruments, such as forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies, via a user-friendly trading platform. Having a minimum deposit requirement of $100 and upwards, FP Markets accepts traders of all levels. Traders are also provided with a wide variety of educational materials, including video tutorials and articles, to increase their trading knowledge. Besides, FP Markets provides tight spreads and a customer support team, which gives the clients a smooth trading process.

Minimum Deposit: $100


Understanding the minimum deposit requirements is vital for traders seeking to enter the world of CFD trading. The brokers highlighted above offer diverse features and opportunities, ensuring accessibility for traders of all levels and budgets. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, there's a broker to suit your needs and preferences. By choosing a broker with a suitable minimum deposit, traders can embark on their trading journey with confidence and clarity.


What is a minimum deposit in CFD trading?

A minimum deposit in CFD trading refers to the smallest amount of money required by a broker for traders to open a trading account and start trading CFDs. It serves as the initial investment that traders must make to access the broker's trading platform and begin executing trades.

Why do brokers require minimum deposits?

Brokers require minimum deposits to cover operational costs and mitigate the risks associated with providing trading services. Additionally, minimum deposits help brokers attract serious traders while discouraging those with insufficient capital. It also ensures that traders have adequate funds to meet margin requirements and sustain their positions.

Can I trade CFDs without meeting the minimum deposit requirement?

Traders must meet the broker's minimum deposit requirement in order to begin trading CFDs. However, some brokers may offer demo accounts or no-deposit bonuses, allowing traders to practice trading or access real-money trading without initially depositing funds. It's essential to check with the broker for such offerings.

Do brokers with higher minimum deposits offer better services?

Not necessarily. The minimum deposit requirement does not always correlate with the quality of services offered by a broker. Some brokers with lower minimum deposits may provide excellent trading conditions, robust platforms, and comprehensive support. It's essential for traders to consider factors beyond the minimum deposit, such as regulations, fees, and trading tools.

Can I withdraw my minimum deposit after opening a trading account?

Yes, traders can typically withdraw their minimum deposit after opening a trading account, provided they meet any applicable withdrawal conditions specified by the broker. However, it's important to note that withdrawing the entire minimum deposit may result in the closure of the trading account. Additionally, any profits earned from trading with the deposit may need to be withdrawn separately.